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Custoza - Manzoni Bianco: This Union Must Happen
Staff Writer - August 14, 2007


Bianco di CustozaJust a few days before the beginning of a historic harvest, the Manzoni Bianco is added to the grapes allowed to the Custoza DOC wines blend.

Starting with the 2007 harvest, the 611 wine estates producing DOC Custoza wines will be allowed to add Manzoni Bianco grape to the Custoza DOC white wine blend. The Manzoni Bianco grape has a characteristically high sugar content and good acidity.
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Italian Flavor Consortium
Italian Flavor Forum®
Informational /wholesale market events introducing new Italian wines and specialty food.
By invitation only.

Azienda Agricola T•E•S•S•A•R•I
– Costalunga di Monteforte d'Alpone, Verona

Staff Writer - August 1, 2005


August 2005 Company  of the month is the Azienda Agricola T•E•S•S•A•R•I, a family-run commercial farm from the northeastern Veneto region of Italy, that produces quality wines in the DOC Soave wine zone.

Azienda Africola Tessari

Among the four wines currently produced, are three well-known wines: a superior dessert wine, the Recioto di Soave DOCG "Tre Colli" , and the excellent whites Soave Classico DOC "Le Bine Longhe" and Soave Classico DOC. In addition, the estate produces the red wine Merlot del Veneto IGT.

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Azienda Agricola Malibrán
- May 1, 2005


For May 2005 we choose as Company of the Month the Azienda Agricola Malibrán, a family run commercial farm located in the Valdobbiadene zone, the homeland of the appreciated Prosecco sparkling wine. In that area the love for vines has century old roots, and the geometric textures that weave up and down the hilly landscape is there to prove it. For over three generations the Favrel family has taken loving care of Prosecco vineyards, the historic grape native of this pre-Alpine corner of Italy, whose ripe golden grapes show through the lusciuous green of the leaves when they ripen.

"Gorio" Valdobbiadene Prosecco DOC

From Vinitaly to Vino in Villa, from the National Show of Spumante Wines to the Prosecco Great Prize, from the Italian Flavor Forum to the L. A. County Fair, Malibrán wines can be found and tasted in all the major Italian and international wine trade shows and competitions.

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Eighth Annual Vino in Villa 2005 Prosecco DOC Bubbles Meet Trendy Appetizers
Staff Writer - April 28, 2005


New Tapas The beautiful Medieval Castello di S. Salvatore (Castle of St. Savior), where the Counts Collalto still live, will open its gates to host 70 producers of Prosecco DOC wine. As always, the focus of the event will be the sparkling wine symbol Conegliano Valdobbiadene. In fact, it is that time of the year when the local wineries introduce their latest production to the public. In addition to offering the opportunity to taste as many as 250 Prosecco DOC labels, the theme of the 2005 annual presents many surprises to the general public, journalists, professionals and gastronomy buffs alike that arrive from every part of Italy and abroad.
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Vinitaly 2005: What's New?
Staff Writer - March 30, 2005


Vinitaly 2005This year's innovations include the 'Best Wine List' international competition and the tastings, 'Wine & Food Pairing' and 'Taste & Dream – Top Wines, 2001 - Odyssey into the Third Millennium'. In addition, the organizers have invited ten thousand restaurateurs from all over the world and, at the Palazzo Gran Guardia, in Piazza Bra, all wine enthusiasts can enjoy the 'Vinitaly for You'.
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Seventh 'Canevando' 2005
Staff Writer - March 24, 2005


VineyardsThe annual event is a 10-kilometer hike, from winery to winery (called 'caneva' in local dialect, thus the name of the event, 'canevando', or 'going from winery to winery'), on the Valdobbiadene hills, in Treviso province, and touches the towns of San Pietro di Barbozza, Santo Stefano and Saccol.
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Tenth "Primavera del Prosecco", or "Prosecco's Springtime"
Staff Writer - February 28, 2005


Primavera del ProseccoThe first of the 15 exhibitions dedicated to the Treviso area wines, as part opens on March 5th. It is part of the 10th Primavera del Prosecco, the annual event that takes place in the Conegliano and Valdobbiadene hills. From March to June, when the last of the exhibitions will close, the organizers expect around 300,000 visitors, between Italian and foreign tourists.
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A Day in Malcesine – "Ciottolando con Gusto"
Staff Writer - February 9, 2005


Malcesine, Lake GardaCiottolando con Gusto opens the tourist season on the Lake Garda shores with an original idea. On April 23 and 24, 2005 the whole municipality will mutate into a huge wine and food piazza, thanks to the teamwork of the local administration, the tourist operators and, above all, the"Osti di Malcesine", or "Innkeepers from Malcesine."
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Thirteenth Edition Vinitaly International Wine Competition
Staff Writer - February 3, 2005


Vinitaly 2005This is the major world competition in terms of the number of participants, so much so that, despite participation being limited to a maximum of five wines per producer in each category, the event is considered the "number one" by the International Federation of Major Wine Competitions. In addition, it is the most selective competition worldwide, since medals are awarded only to 3 percent of the participating wines, that is, just 88 medals for 3,500 wines.
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SOL: New Hall for Meeting the Market
Staff Writer - January 3, 2005


    11th SOL
  • 11th edition of the International Exhibition of Virgin and Extra Virgin Olive Oil - the showcase for the best producers on an international scale
  • "SOL d’Oro" Competition for the best olive oils from vocational countries
  • Technological innovation at Enolitech

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Moletto December 2004 Newsletter
- December 24, 2004


We received and published the Moletto winery September 2004 newsletter.
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La Dispensa dei Sapori della Valpolicella e del Veronese, or the Valpolicella and Verona Flavor Pantry
Staff Writer - November 27, 2004


Cosorzio Tutela Vino ValpolicellaThe most anticipated enogastronomic winter event in Verona and the surrounding Valpolicella area returns from the 4th to the 8th of December, 2004. The Dispensa dei Sapori della Valpolicella e del Veronese trade show is an open window to the most appreciated typical foods and wines from this area and includes the eighth annual Palio of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Veneto Valpolicella DOP (DOP: Denomination of Origin Protected).
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Moletto September 2004 Newsletter
Staff Writer - September 25, 2004


We have received and published the Moletto winery September 2004 newsletter.
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Good Year for Valdobbiadene Prosecco, Exports Rise
Staff Writer - September 12, 2004


Prosecco Drusian SpumanteThis should be good year for the Valdobbiadene Prosecco wine, one of Italy's most exported wines.

The production of grapes is expected to increase by 15 percent, reaching about 3,620 tons in Treviso (1,360 tons red and 2,260 tons white).
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Ninth Annual Summer's End Festival – September 3-5, 2004
Staff Writer - August 29, 2004


Associazione Pro Loco CarpaneaPresentation to the press of the Ninth Annual Summer's End Festival on Tuesday, August 31, 2004 at 11:30AM, at the headquarters of the association Pro Loco Carpanea (non-profit association promoting the area) in Casaleone, in the province of Verona, at 93 Via Vittorio Veneto.
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Prosecco DOC
Ciacco - June 8, 2004


The origins of the Prosecco vine are uncertain. Probably it comes from the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, or even from areas further east. In Friuli Venezia Giulia, especially in the Carso area, vintners are working to bring back the Glera grape, an ancient local vine believed to be the forefather of the Prosecco grape.
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Mionetto "Il Rosé" – Italian Pop Star, Light and Pink
Staff Writer - May 17, 2004


Mionetto rolled out Il Rosé, a dry, light, pink, sparkling, low-alcohol strawberry-like wine.
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Moletto® News – April 2004
Staff Writer - May 10, 2004


We have received, and have made available to our readers the latest issue of "Moletto News", the Italian-English bilingual newsletter published by this dynamic and forward looking wine producer from the Veneto Italian wine region.
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Vinitaly Closes with 137 Thousand Visitors
Staff Writer - April 8, 2004


Astonishing success for Vinitaly at VeronaFiere. Five percent growth in attendance compared to 2003, with international visitors up by 13 percent. VeronaFiere president, Luigi Castelletti said: "Such results reward both the organizational efforts and the city itself."
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Vinitaly, Business and Glamour
Staff Writer - March 18, 2004


More space and services to better facilitate business contacts.
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Vinitaly 2004, "The Trip Around the Wine World in Five Days"
Staff Writer - February 11, 2004


A prestigious exhibition of the world's best production, enables all operators to make "the trip around the wine world in five days" in order to know, taste and enjoy high quality products of about 3,900 exhibitors from 24 countries.
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Verona, sixteenth Seminario Ratti
Staff Writer - September 26, 2003


In addition to being an analytical tool of possible future enological scenarios, the Seminario Ratti provides instrumental information to sector enterprises that actively work to create a competitive 'made in Italy' global wine brand.
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