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This is the 11th and last e-Letter of 2010. Twelve months ago we looked foward to a year during which the economy would start a slow climb back toward normalcy.

Instead, our hopes tanked along with the world market which hit new lows. European countries risked bankruptcy and had to be bailed out by the European Community. In the US more banks went belly up and millions more people lost their jobs while many were underemployed, though grateful to have any job at all.

Despite the many temporary jobs which have been created by what seemed like a resurgence of retail sales for the holidays, the US employment report just released revealed a 0.2% increase in unemployment applications.

For many this will be a sad, cold holiday season, but do not let the bad news take hold. Let's all work together in the spirit of the season to overcome this period of lean cows and kick start the economy worldwide again. The WineCountry.IT team raises its glasses in a worldwide toast to good will.

Loris Scagliarini, WineCountry.IT President


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Monte Del Frá Newsletter – November 2010

We have received and published the November 2010 issue of the Monte Del Frá, Tenuta Lena di Mezzo, Newsletter.

Monte Del Fra' logo

Degustavina 2010: Over 5,000 Visitors

Le 48 cantine partecipanti all'edizione 2010 di DegustavinaThe 11th annual Degustavina took place for two days at the former Deposito delle Locomotive (Railway Engine Warehouse) in Palermo, Sicily, with a record participation of over 5,000 visitors.

"We are very satisfied," commented Giuseppe Ferraro, president of Enos, the association which has organized the event for 11 years.

Red Wine Source of Anti Diabetes Compounds

Red wineA study conducted by a group of researchers led by Professor Alois Jungbauer at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna, Austria, found that red wine is a valuable source of anti diabetic compounds.

The findings of the study have already enlivened the ongoing debate over the supposed healthful benefits of drinking wine.

French Gastronomy: Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

French GastronomyIn addition to the Mediterranean Diet, the French Gastronomy has been added to the UNESCO List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

The recognition was given at the 2010 meeting of the intergovernmental UNESCO committee in Nairobi. This is the first time that a national gastronomy has been added to the prestigious list, but the UNESCO experts reunited in Nairobi reached the conclusion that the French gastronomy, with its rituals and dinner table presentation, it is a social habit destined to celebrate the most important moments in the life of groups and individuals.

Mediterranean Diet: Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

Dieta MediterraneaThe carbohydrates diet named World Heritage by UNESCO.

The Mediterranean Diet convinces the whole world. During the fifth session of the intergovernmental committee, which took place in Nairobi in November 2010, UNESCO awarded the status of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity to the famous diet based upon tomatoes, olive oil, pasta, fruits, vegetables, seafood and wine.

Italian Flavor Consortium:
Associate Producers
  1. Azienda Agricola Baldessari MarcoVeneto
  2. Azienda Agricola Buccelletti VivaiTuscany
  3. Azienda Agricola Buccia NeraTuscany
  4. Azienda Agricola BuracchiTuscany
  5. Azienda Agricola Gagliardi PieroPiedmont
  6. Azienda Agricola GarutiEmilia Romagna
  7. Azienda Agricola MasseriolaApulia
  8. Azienda Agrucola MontalprunoTuscany
  9. Azienda Agricola Mosolo GleniFriuli Venezia Giulia
  10. Azienda Agricola Sarchese TommasoAbruzzo
  11. Azienda Agricola, Vitivinicola e Agrituristica "La Carletta"Tuscany
  12. Azienda Vitivinicola Caliscana di Roberto CreaTuscany
  13. Cantina Vitivinicola RomangiaSardinia
  14. CantOlio Manduria scaApulia
  15. Cantine e Distillerie MangilliFriuli Venezia Giulia
  16. Casa Vinicola FerraroCampania
  17. Cristiana MaggiolaroVeneto
  18. Fattoria ColibertoTuscany
  19. Fattoria La StrisciaTuscany
  20. Fattoria Santo StefanoTuscany
  21. I MoriTuscany
  22. La Girolda – Emilia Romagna
  23. La TogataTuscany
  24. Podere CannetaTuscany
  25. Poderi Rosso GiovanniPiedmont
  26. Randi Azienda AgricolaEmilia Romagna
  27. Tenimenti Marchisio d'OsascaPiedmont
  28. Tenuta FrancetaPiedmont
  29. Terre di NanoTuscany
  30. Terredomini srlVeneto
  31. Vini Iovine s.n.c. di Aniello IovineCampania
  32. ZiniViniEmilia Romagna
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