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Italian Native Vines

As mentioned in the introduction to this column, wine is part of the cultural heritage of a region and its inhabitants.


Basilicata is certainly among the Italian regions that have long promoted wine quality appreciation among the various market players, including the end users or consumers, making detailed information about the variety of grapes produced and particular local situations affecting wine production available to them.

Company of the Month

This month, that brings about the brilliant colors that each year set the Italian vineyards ablaze, we travel to Tuscany to visit the current Company of the Month, Ridolfi – I Mercatali.

Ridolfi – I Mercatali

It's a new estate in the Montalcino area which, in September 2005, bottled its first Rosso di Montalcino wine from the 2003 harvest, for the US market. Professor Mauro Ridolfi, owner and manager of the winery and the vineyards, paired with enologist and agronomist Luca D'Attoma to produce this great Rosso and the noble Brunello di Montalcino, which will be released for the first time in three years, that is, in 2008.

The Chef's Corner

October is the month in which tree leaves change color. The vineyards, now that their fruit have been harvested, light up in brilliant shades of yellow and red colors that brighten the Italian countryside from the southern islands to the northern Alps. It may be because it brings about my birthday, but I always had a melancholic attraction for this month.

Italian singer-songwriter from Bologna, Francesco Guccini expressed in lyrics his affection for this month that wraps up its days in warm colors, but whose nights are getting cooler as they end days that are getting shorter and shorter.
"I don't know if everyone understands your great beauty, October,
As inside your big bellied vats you're ripening must and preparing thrill (inebriation) ..."

Let's see what five-course menu Chef Davide Dalloco, from the Scuola Alberghiera di Serramazzoni, has prepared for this month whose air is filled with the smell of fermenting must.

Tortellacci di Ricotta e Porcini

  • Borlenghi (Kind of flat, thin, seasoned bread)
  • Tortellacci (stuffed pasta) with Ricotta cheese and porcini mushrooms) – see recipe
  • Tripe Parmesan-Style – see recipe
  • Wild berry pie
  • Caciotta and primosale cheeses with green tomato jam)
  • Buon Appetito!
Caffè del Principe
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Bagni di Orvieto Gold Medal
Welcome to VOLUME III, NUMBER 15 of Wine News, the e-Letter from the WineCountry.IT network. (Would you rather see the e-Letter on your favorite browser? Use this link. Usa il link seguente se vuoi leggere le News in italiano).

Italian Flavor Consortium

Golden Gate Yacht Club
San Francisco, CA
October 19, 2005


Wine and food professionals may request their invitation not later than October 15, 2005

Italian Flavor Consortium is looking for:
US distributors for our growing
wine and food portfolio.

• San Francisco Bay Area sales person or organization interested in quality wine and food.

Dear US wine and food professionals, Italian Flavor Forum II day is approaching fast. Please remember that you MUST request your invitation by October 15.
No walk-ins accepted!

Back in Italy, among many other events that mark the end of summer, Sestola is preparing for the Third Annual 'Chocolate and Almond Crunch Games', the extravaganza created by local chocolate master Marisa Tognarelli. The event gathers the best Italian chocolate makers in this Modenese Apennine foothill town for two days of fun, professional competition and lots of sweet, sinful pleasures.

In Manduria, heartland of the Primitivo DOC grape that shares the DNA with the California Zinfandel, the organization Go Wine is putting the final touches on their first National Day, celebrating the Salento peninsula's art, archeology, culture and of course, its great wines (Primitivo and Negroamaro, in English, Primitive and Bitter Black literally) paired with local food specialties.

Rosa D'Ancona takes us to Basilicata and introduces us to the local Aglianico and Negroamaro grapes. In addition we report on the agreement between the US and the EU that marks maybe the first step toward ending a marketing quarrel that has been going on for about 200 years, but which, with the rise of interest in wine, appears to have hardened in recent times.

Among others, we also published the final installments of Recognizing Wine's Taste of Place, and the second part of A Look at the European Union, about the new European food and wine classification.

WineCountry.IT wishes all of you the best for a warm, cozy and colorful beginning of fall.

Loris Scagliarini,


A Sestola the Third Annual 'Chocolate and Almond Crunch Games

Marisa TognarelliFrom the 7th to 9th of October 2005, the best Italian chocolate makers, including Danilo Freguja, world champion of culinary art, converge upon Sestola, in the foothills of the Modenese Apennines, for the Third Annual 'Chocolate and Almond Crunch Games'. The great extravaganza created by chocolate master Marisa Tognarelli, this year includes a series of interesting initiatives dedicated not exclusively to chocolate buffs.

First 'Go Wine' National Day:
Primitivo and Negroamaro, plus environment and History in Manduria

Stemma di Manduria The two vines, natives of the Salento peninsula in the Italian region of Apulia, will be the protagonists of of the First 'Go Wine' National Day. The event, to be celebrated on October 9 in Manduria, invites the associates of all Italian Go Wine clubs to rediscover these native grapes and their local tradition.

Recognizing Wine's Taste of Place – Fifth of Five Parts
  Toast I wholeheartedly embrace protecting wine's origin names. The NVV- initiated declaration of last week that place is important to wine – and to consumers – is just a baby step, but it's a start. I want my Champagne to be from Champagne and my Burgundy to be from Montrachet, not Modesto. I'll also happily drink a chilled glass of a generic white blend from a jug, as long as it doesn't try to convince me it's from Chablis.
U.S. and EU Reconcile Over Glass of Wine

ToastThe United States and Europe have been at odds over everything from the war in Iraq to the death penalty, but in one area that has troubled relations on and off for about 200 years - wine - officials on Thursday announced a modest rapprochement.

Don Sebastiani & Sons Introduces 'Le Bon Vin de la Napa Valley' as Flagship Brand for 'the Other Guys' Division

ZorkOn Tuesday, September 20, 2005 Don Sebastiani & Sons announced the release of a new wine --'le bon vin de la Napa Valley' -- which will be the flagship brand for its new sales and marketing division, The Other Guys (TOG).

Called "LBV" for short, the Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon varietals sport the new ZORK wine closure, an Australian invention making its first large scale appearance in the California wine market on the LBV wines.

A Look at the European Union – Part 2 of 3

PDOBack in the 1980s it would have been difficult to find US-made products in a specialty food store. In fact, back then all the specialty foods where actually imported to the US, and especially from Europe. Just a smaller part of specialty food imports use to come from elsewhere in the world, places such as the Caribbean Islands, Latin America, and Asia.

Bologna's Teatri di Vita (Theaters of Life) presents Teatri di Vite (Vine Theaters)

Teatri di ViteBologna, the Italian city known as 'The Fat One' (as in rich food), should also be known as 'The Creative One'. In fact, Bologna proposes once more an original, innovative way to marry art with wine, or the love for Earth's fruits and the love for art.

Eight Annual Enologica and Sixth Typical Product Salon 2005

Enologica 2004-2The double Faenza trade show, scheduled from November 19, to 21, 2005 by now represents an open window to the best wine and food products from the Emilia Romagna region of Italy. In addition, following last year's success, the 'Master del Sangiovese' ('Sangiovese Master') contest will take place during the three-day fair.

Cesarini Sforza Presents Tridentium:  Qualità Alta (High Quality)

Tridemtum Trento DOC Spumante'Tridentum', is the Latin name used by the Roman founders for today's Trento. The name is meant as a historic suggestion of the strong links between this new high quality sparkling wine, the Cesarini Sforza Trento DOC Metodo Classico Millesimato, to the place of origin of the grapes. A land of deep historic roots and of incomparable environmental beauty, with a strong penchant for vitivinicolture that produces great grapes for the production of outstanding sparkling wines of superior quality.

Wine Drinkers Down by a Million in France

Broken BottleAccording to a new study published on September 15, 2005, the French are drinking less and less wine, counting 1 million fewer wine drinkers today than five years ago.

Recognizing Wine's Taste of Place – Fourth of Five Parts

Broken BottleThe state of Oregon has some of the toughest labeling standards in the U. S. wine industry; 'Oregon Champagne' or 'Oregon Burgundy' won't appear on a label. Harry Peterson-Nedry, founder of Chehalem winery, represented the Oregon Wine Board at the declaration signing.


Orvieto Castle

Once in a lifetime opportunity!
Historic Italian Medieval village for sale in the heart of Italian Wine Country.
Could this be your dream come true?

Italian Flavor Consortium: Associate Producers

Dates to Remember October / November

Note: To find out more about the places and activities for each event, please visit the News page.

Bologna's Teatri di Vita (Theaters of Life) presents Teatri di Vite (The Vine Theater) September 30, October 14, 2005
Interdrink 2005 October 3 to 5, 2005
Third Annual 'Chocolate and Almond Crunch Games' 7 to 9 October, 2005
First 'Go Wine' National Day:  Primitivo and Negroamaro, environment and History in Manduria Sunday, October 9, 2005
ITALIAN FLAVOR FORUM II Wednesday October 19, 2005 from 2 to 6 PM
Italian Wine Week in Chicago October 24, November 3, 2005
Europe in NYC October 29, 2005
Vino&Dintorni> (Wine&Surrounding) October 29 and 30, 2005 from 9:00AM to 7:00PM
Seventh Food & Wine Entertaining Showcase November 16, 2005
Eighth Annual Enologica and Sixth Typical Product Salon 2005 November 19, 20, 21, 2005

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