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The Chef's Corner

Brought to you by the School for Hotel and Restaurant Management from Serramazzoni, Italy.

It was our pleasure meeting once again with Chef Davide Dalloco and asking him questions about Emilia-Romagna hors d'oeuvres. Next month, continuing our regional culinary education, he will introduce us to Emilia-Romagna's primi piatti.
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Company of the Month

We complete our exploration of the Bresciani del Garda, or "Brescia Shores of the Garda Lake" wine road, visiting the San Martino della Battaglia (St. Martin of the Battle) wine zone.
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Welcome to Volume II, Number 07 of Wine News, the e-Letter from the WineCountry.IT network. (Versione Italiana)

This month marks a change in the layout of the e-Letter. We have received several requests to list the articles in chronological order, without differentiation as to the section or web site where they appear. You spoke and we listened. This month we are experimenting with the new format and, based on what we hear from you, we'll either continue this way or go back to the old way. Don't be shy, let us know which of the two you like better.

"Summertime, when the weather is fine ...", as the song goes. And with the arrival of summer Ciacco took a leave of absence, as a good Italian should. What with all that nightlife, friends to see, and beaches to visit, there's truly no time left to write about food and wine for The Third Circle. Don't worry, we understand and we wish you a happy vacation, Ciacco!

For this month's "The Chef's Corner" column, we met again with Chef Davide Dalloco of the School for Hotel and Restaurant Management of Serramazzoni. He talked to us about hors d'oeuvres, focusing especially on Emilia-Romagna.

"The Company of the Month" for July completes our tour of the Road of the Wines Bresciani del Garda and takes us to the San Martino della Battaglia DOC zone.

We remind you that, though we have changed the e-Letter format, you will still find the articles listed below in their English version on WineCountry.IT, Italian Wine Hub and Italian Wine Labels, and in Italian on a different section of WineCountry.IT, Vino Italiano Club and ABC Vino.

As usual, the 'Dates to Remember' close the monthly e-Letter.

The staff of WineCountry.IT network wishes all our subscribers happy reading and a joyful summer!


Articles' List

Feudi di San Gregorio Opens New Winery and Cultural Center
Published June 30, 2004


Visitor CenterFeudi di San Gregorio, the dynamic Campania wine producer, has opened its new $20-million winery and Cultural Center to the public. Located in the hills near Sorbo Serpico, in the province of Avellino, the building complex includes a state-of-the-art winery, the company offices and an exhibition space to host artistic and cultural events.

Italy's Greatest Hits (First of 5 Parts)
Published June 29, 2004


Cinque Terre MapThe Cinque Terre seen by an American tourist.
I love the great outdoors: the Zen of walking amid majestic, unspoiled scenery for hours on end. I really love it, however, on civilized terms: with a hot shower, a well-prepared meal and clean sheets at the end of the trail.

Vinitaly Moscow: Italian Wine Earns New Market Outlet
Published June 28, 2004


The growing interest in Italian wines even among French restaurateurs was one of the highpoints of the First Annual Vinitaly Moscow, held June 24, 2004 in the Russian capital. The event, organized by VeronaFiere with the support of the Istituto per il Commercio Estero ("Institute for the Foreign Commerce", or ICE) and Enoteca d'Italia, featured 30 of the leading Italian wine producers and attracted a large number of buyers, importers and trade journalists. The event marked also the official international debut of the recently founded Italian Quality Wine Institute–Major Brands.

Import taxes in India don't slow down the march of wine
Published June 28, 2004


Indian wineIn 2003, India's total wine consumption was around 3.5 million liters, or an average consumption of 4.6 liters (4.86 quarts). Yet, according to ICE, the Italian Institute for International Trade, consumption is expected to double to 7 million liters over the next two years.

The Celebrity Wines They Are A-Changin'
Published June 28, 2004


Sofia Blanc de BlancThree new celebrity wines - from Bob Dylan, Carole Bouquet and Gerard Depardieu - debut in the U.S. next fall. Jazz musician Boz Scaggs' wine will be on sale early next year. And filmmaker Sofia Coppola...

2004 Wine Oscar Awarded to Vinitaly
Published June 21, 2004


Vinitaly - Another love story in VeronaThe prestigious 2004 Wine Oscar award, assigned the Associazione Italiana Sommelier (AIS, or Italian Sommelier Association) was assigned to Vinitaly and VeronaFiere for the Shakespearean tag line “Vinitaly - Another Love Story in Verona” inspired by Romeo and Juliet.

Piedmont CIA Worried about Export Crisis
Published June 20, 2004


BarbarescoThe Sub alpine chapter of the Confederazione Italiana Agricoltori (CIA , or "Confederation of Italian Farmers") is sounding the alarm for Piedmont producers on account of the current wine exports crisis.

Cal-Ital Tales (Fourth of Four Parts)
Published June 19, 2004


Il PonteSome winemakers were drawn to the Cal-Italian movement by their belief in a segment of the market that never materialized. For others, Italian wine varietals are a passion, almost an addiction, that hasn't dimmed even as sales have.

Science joins the fight to sniff out wine fraud
Published June 18, 2004


They already use unforgeable labels and unbreakable code numbers to protect their elite brands and now the world's wine producers can use a new weapon in the fight against fraud - atomic spectrometry.

Data released on Italian wine exports in 2003
Published June 15, 2004


Italian wine exports to the US in 2003 reach €822 million.

Wine: Export to the U S Grows 10.2 Percent in First Quarter
Published June 13, 2004


Italian WineGood news for Italian enology on the eve of the first edition of MiWine, the professional trade show held in Milan from June 14 to 16, 2004.

Wine & Vine: VinesTthrive on Poor Soil
Published June 11, 2004


red grapeThe answer, as some old geezer on a BBC gardening show used to say, lies in the soil.

And a fascinating aspect of vine cultivation is that it thrives best on poor agricultural ground, where other choosier crops cannot survive.

One of the significant strengths of vine growing - viticulture - is that while the trained vine may be only a meter or so high above ground, under the soil, it's roots may stray for maybe another 30 meters or so, seeking nutrients unavailable at the upper level.

Naples, Wine Capital – "The Southern Roots: The Wines of the Future"
Published June 9, 2004


The event, organized by the Associazione Italiana Sommeliers (Italian Association of Sommeliers, or AIS), and dedicated to Italian wines produced in the souther regions of the peninsula, was introduced by actress Carole Bouquet and actor Franco Nero.

Prosecco DOC
Published June 8, 2004


The origins of the Prosecco vine are uncertain. It probably comes from the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, or even from areas further east. In Friuli Venezia Giulia, especially in the Carso area, vintners are working to bring back the Glera grape, an ancient local vine believed to be the forefather of the Prosecco grape.

Giallo diVino (Mystery in the Vineyard)
Published June 4, 2004


A mystery weekend during which participants are not supposed to discover the killer, but rather dig into the mystery of wine, exchange ideas and suggestions, investigate some of Italy's favorite mystery writers, enjoy the pleasure of drinking and reading well, as well as appreciate a weekend with interesting people.

Frignano Gourmet – June 2004 News Letter
Published June 2, 2004


Find out what the associates of Frignano Gourmet have to offer this summer. As always, the associates are very active and in the vanguard of taste. Pastry chefs Marisa Tinarelli and prize winner, Valter Tagliazucchi, as well as the restaurant La Vecchia Quercia (The Old Oak), Sottosopra (Upside Down) Wine Bar & Restaurant and Enoteca (Wine Bar) La Morra, are preparing for a long, sweet, tasty and refreshing summer.


Dates to Remember - July / August

Note: To find out more about the places and activities for each event, please visit the News page.

Wine Festival (Festa del Vino)

June 30 - July 1

Madonna di Montallegro

July 1 - 3

Verona Vinorum

July 2 and 3, 2004, from 3:00 PM to midnight

Palio di Siena
Saint Mary of Provenzano

July 11 and August 15

Badoche (Le )

July 13-14

Cesanese Wine Facets – Three appointments to get to know Cesanese Wine

July 18 - September 18, 2004 from 5:00 to 8:00PM

Dance of Death (Ballo della Morte)

July 22

San Giacomo

July 24 - 25

Vinalia - 10th Edition

August 4 - 10, 2003

Bal do Sabre

August 25 and other festivities

Festival of the Colonnata lard
(Sagra del lardo di Colonnata)

Third weekend in August


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