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  Azienda Agricola Malibran
  The new winery, unveiled in 2004, represents an exquisite example of typical local architecture and is surrounded by the green of the Prosecco vines.
  Famiglia Favrel
  The picture above was taken on September 18, 2004,during the opening of the new winery. Girolamo Favrel, who returned to Italy in the 1970s after a long period spent in Australia to assume the direction of the family farm, stands between daughter Marica and wife Norina. Son Maurizio (right), is the current owner and enologist.

The Malibrán estate is located at the foot of the Treviso hills that run from Conegliano toward Valdobbiadene. The geometric pattern of the Prosecco vines has decorated these slopes for centuries, and these vines surround the commercial farm. Here for over three generations the Favrel family has cultivated the vineyards with love and produced very high quality sparkling wines. The passion for their product is reflected in the care given to the vines, lovingly kept almost as a decorative garden. Even today, most of the work is done by hand. Recently the family built a new winery following the traditional local architecture and equipped it with cutting edge winemaking tools in order to transform the fruits of the vineyards into the best wine possible.

The Family
The farm was founded over half a century ago by Grandpa Gregorio. He was nicknamed "Gorio", and his namesake survives on the label of the current top wine produced in the new winery, the Extra-Dry Prosecco Spumante DOC.

Maurizio Favrel, current owner and enologist, graduated from the "G.B. Cerletti" Enology School of Conegliano Veneto, the oldest and best renowned school of its kind worldwide. After two years of internship with the major winery of Valdobbiadene, in 2004 Maurizio took over the winemaking direction of the family estate, thus guaranteeing the total production control, from the cultivation of the grapes to bottling the final product.

The Vineyards
The production zone expands along a small strip of land next to the Castello di San Salvatore (St. Savior Castle), in the small town of Susegana, in Treviso province.

The Prosecco vine is rustic and vigorous, with hazel-brown colored branches and long, sparse-berried bunches whose golden yellow color shows through from the luscious green of the leaves when they ripen. The vineyards are attended almost entirely by hand with the help of simple tools. The cultivation system used is the Silvoz, which is typical of this area and allows for a good balance between leaf growth and grape production.

Prosecco winemaking is regulated by strictly defined rules mandated by a specific legal body: the grapes must come exclusively from vineyards grown in specifically defined zones and must be crushed within the borders of municipalities enclosed within the DOC  area.

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Azienda Agricola Malibrán

Via Barca II°, 63
31058 Susegana, Treviso

Tel./Fax: 0438 780135

Owner: Favrel Maurizio


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